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Quality assurance

Being the supplier of original parts only from the producers directly or its official distributor SEMICON guarantees 100% quality of the products.
When the parts are bought from the “third parties” or upon customer demand we can make the following testing in our facilities and at one of the laboratory in Shenzhen:

    • Visual inspection for specific physical characteristics, sorting acceptable from unacceptable
    • External visual inspection for physical non-conformances in marking, body, terminals, and packaging
    • Digital test for the communication ports (functionality) on FPGA, CPLD, and other JTAG-enabled devices
    • Electrical test to verify the primary function of a device matches manufacturer specification
    • Functional test using manufacturer program for blanks, blocks, product identification, memory read/write, and/or erase functions
    • Electrical test to verify pin out and identify opens, shorts, or damaged protection diodes
    • Full parametric electrical testing for capacitors, resistors, inductors and other wound coil components
    • Re-packaging and dry-packing as necessary including new materials as required
    • Full six-panel material analysis in parts per million (PPM) of RoHS-controlled elements
    • Dip-and-look test for solderability on non-BGA components to JEDEC standards
    • Radiography analysis for pin out, damaged hardware, voids, and matching to device blueprint
    • Component backing to JEDEC MSL standards to remove moisture (Lot is approximately 1.000pcs)

SEMICON can provide PCBA testing on customer’s schematics provision for us. We would need to design a test jig unless customer already has one. We have inspector who is a certified inspector to PCBA workmanship standards, IPC-610. For PCBA testing there are two kinds:

ICT - in-circuit testing
Functional - application test

All testing fees are to be discussed separately according to the customers’ needs.